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 Bonusdance offers the fastest delivery of Santoria dancewear in the market. 

How Long Does it take to receive my order? 
On average between 3-5 working days, depending on shipping option and location.

Order Processing Time (1-2 days)

Orders are normally shipped out within 48 hours (excluding Sundays), provided items are in stock.   To increase the speed at which we can dispatch your order we carry extensive inventory in our warehouse.  We count day of order as day 0.   

Order Shipping Time (2-16 days)*
Shipping & Delivery times depend on your choice of shipping and to which location your parcel has to be shipped. You can choose between 2 shipping options as shown below. Your order is shipped from an international fulfillment centre in Hong Kong. Delivery times are as stated by the service providers:
  1. Speedpost Courier. Delivery in approx 2-5 working days.*
  2. Registered Air Mail. Delivery in approx 11-16 working days.*

Bonusdance does not ship on Sundays or public holidays.


*Shipping/delivery time is counted in full working days (which exclude Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays). Date of shipping is counted as 0 and so on.  Shipping/delivery times are as stated by  the relevant service providers,  but the accuracy and reliability of these times is beyond our control. 



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